Prayer For All People

Watch this video tutorial on how to add your place/HOP to the map.
Where Do I Find The Map?
Google only shows 200 locations ( on one page, to see the full map with all 300+ houses follow this link:
All locations on one page
Please use this link to share with others.
How Can I Add My Prayer House/Change The Data?
You need an google account. Everyone is free to add data. I will now and then look if the new data is alright. To add a house or change the data lock in to google and follow this link:
Please insert basic information:
Name of the house / Website / Location / E-Mail / Director / Description of your house
You can add a link to a photo on your website, to give a better description of your house. Also a point of intrest is, if you are able to host visitors.
New added houses will be shown on page two!
Please put no data in for countries with persecution!
Where Did You Get The Information?
The most houses I found through following 3 websites and found the data on every single website I clicked on, one by one. The sources I used are:
Please send me new links when you know good sources.
How Can I Put The Map On My Page?
To embed the map (with all 300+ houses)go to your browser and click on view source.
Scroll down the page and copy the iframe code and paste it on your website.
Below is what it will look like:

Größere Kartenansicht

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