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E-Holy Matrimony - Finding Your Christian Spouse Online


It took almost 20 years of waiting for me to find the right one. But, as you can see below good things happen to those who wait for God's provision. After losing my first wife to cancer in the early 90's, I soon set out to find someone new.. I was still in my 30's and I made a lot of wrong choices. Many of those choices were because I thought I had to be married to be happy in life.  Now in my later 50's (and recently married again), I think I can tell you a thing or two about finding that special one for life.




If you are divorced or are considering a relationship with some who has been divorced I hope you will check out the Scriptures. Our Father has rules he expects of His children. I have found John Piper's position on divorce and remarriage to be very helpful. On that site you can find his sermon on divorce and remarriage.

Dines and I found each other on Christian Cafe. She says I waited too long to find her! In her later 40's and even with a biological clock for having children quickly coming to a close -  Dines waited for God's provision.  Please be patient. God will make a way for you. It may not always be what you want. He will provide what is best.

Being of the scriptural persuasion that I should only marry a widow or someone never married largely reduced the number of available matches.  Old, bald and not wealthy with 4 children didn't look good on my profile in dating sites. But God is bigger than all that. Regardless of your situation (if our Father desires for you to marry) He will make a way for you to meet that special one in His time.

I recommend the two Christian dating sites below for those who want to broaden the field of candidates. One word of caution: Please be careful with long distance relationships. Many people are not honest and will pretend to be someone they aren't. After traveling long distances and at great expense, it would be very sad to find out you were deceived by a smooth talking one

I recommend many hours of talking, praying and reading the Word together over Skype video. You will soon find out if they love God or not. If they don't - dump them!  Try to meet some of their family members and friends. You will soon find out what they are really like that way. 

Dines and I hope that you find much happiness as we have.

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