Prayer For All People


788621: Operation World, TP
Operation World, TP
By Jason Mandryk / Authentic

Operation World Enhanced eBook
Professional DVD-ROM Edition

A fully searchable, hyperlinked PDF of the entire Operation World book in full color, plus:
Video of author Jason Mandryk presenting Operation World insight
Introductory PowerPoint presentation of each country
Many additional full-color maps and charts, extended data tables and spreadsheet files, and additional appendices not included in the book
Limited rights to reproduce select Operation World content for ministry purposes
Ideal for teaching on global evangelization, leading others in prayer for the nations, and pursuing mission research.

788751: Operation World, Seventh Edition, Softcover with CDROM Operation World, Seventh Edition, Softcover with CDROM
By Jason Mandryk / Biblica Publishing

You've got the vision---but how do you go about praying for the whole planet? Revised and updated, this must-have book provides religious, people-group, geographic, economic, and political information for every country; plus maps, a persecution index, answers and challenges to prayer---and a handy calendar that encourages daily targeted intercession.