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86678: Ministry Of Intercession Ministry Of Intercession
By Andrew Murray / Whitaker House Publishers

According to Andrew Murray, prayer is the most dynamic opportunity available to God's children. It not only strengthens our faith, but it enables us to intercede for others with tremendous results. This book will inspire and energize your times alone with God. It is a renowned classic with a timeless message of encouragement and inspiration.
088051: Helps to Intercession Helps to Intercession
By Andrew Murray / CLC Publications

This one-month prayer guide by Andrew Murray will give you tools to become an effective intercessor. In a learn-by-doing structure, Murray presents 31 days of suggested topics to pray for, along with a short "How to Pray" teaching. There's also room for your prayer requests and notes on what the Lord teaches you during prayer times.
087658: Secrets of Intercession and Prayer: a Four-Month Devotional Secrets of Intercession and Prayer: a Four-Month Devotional
By Andrew Murray / CLC Publications

Andrew Murray's "Secret Series" booklets have long been classics of devotional literature. In Secrets of Intercession and Prayer four of these booklets have been collected into one volume: The Secret of the Abiding Presence, The Secret of Adoration, The Secret of Intercession, and The Secret of United Prayer. Each section offers a month of readings, totaling four months of insightful devotions.
83862: How to Pray How to Pray
By R.A. Torrey / Whitaker House Publishers

Penned in 1900, Torrey's timeless classic has guided generations of new (and seasoned) believers into a richer, more effective prayer life. With chapters like "The Importance of Prayer," "Obeying and Praying," "Abiding in Christ," and "When to Pray," it provides Scripture-based lessons on maintaining a devotional and worshipful lifestyle. Updated for the modern reader, words, expressions, and sentence structure have been revised for clarity and readability.
427042: Praying the New Testament Praying the New Testament
By Elmer Towns / Destiny Image

The men and women of the New Testament prayed with power and confidence. What gave them this bold assurance? In Praying the New Testament, Elmer Towns brings his unique perspective of the New Testament to the 21st Christian. You'll read and pray through the Gospels, Acts, Paul's letters and the Epistles, and the book of Revelation. You'll be amazed how the Word of God can permeate your spirit and transform your mind.
426144: Praying Paul"s Letters: Praying the Scriptures with Elmer Towns Praying Paul's Letters: Praying the Scriptures with Elmer Towns
By Destiny Image

Author Elmer Towns sets the scenes in Corinth, Rome, and Athens where Paul wrote his letters to the 1st century churches, then shows you how to pray these Scriptures for personal transformation and insight. Take hold of the redeeming truth of Scripture in a new way!
424200: Praying the Book of Revelation Praying the Book of Revelation
By Elmer L. Towns / Destiny Image

If you avoid reading the Book of Revelation because it is too mysterious, confusing, and even too scary to consider, get ready for an exciting surprise!
  • Sit with John in the small dark cave as he receives the Spirit who gives hope and encouragement to suffering Christians.
  • See the angels John saw holding back the wind and delivering the judgments.
  • Walk with John as he shuffles through the sand to share with other prisoners the wonders of Christ---his Master and Friend.
  • Kneel with John as he worships and thanks God for His daily bread.
John the Revelator, 90 years frail and imprisoned on an island, reveals God's plan for the Church---and you.

Pray the Book of Revelation with author Elmer Towns as he applies the vivid drama and intricate symbolism in Revelation. Dr. Towns' personal journey to the Isle of Patmos, his recovery from cancer, and his extensive experience studying the Scriptures, equip him with a unique perspective.

64945: The Complete Works of E. M. Bounds on Prayer The Complete Works of E. M. Bounds on Prayer
By E.M. Bounds / Baker

E.M. Bounds truly followed the charge to pray without ceasing. It was as normal and essential to him as breathing. But though he was in prayer constantly, it never became a chore to him. Throughout his life, whether he was ministering to troops during the Civil War or bringing God's Word to his congregation, E.M. Bounds relished his time in conversation with God.

Though only two of his books were published in his lifetime, The Complete Works of E.M. Bounds on Prayer combines all eight of Bounds's classic treatments of prayer. Join the generation of believers who have energized their prayer lives with the help of this godly man.

062230: Intercessors Arise: Personal Prayer That Changes the World Intercessors Arise: Personal Prayer That Changes the World
By Debbie Przybylski / NavPress

Prayer warriors aren't born, they're made. Take time to connect God's infinite power with the tangible needs around you! Identifying obstacles that often keep us from drawing close to God, Przybylski offers seasoned insight into diligent intercession. Transcending cultural and denominational differences, her mentoring manual will equip you to pray more effectively for people and nations. 224 pages, softcover from NavPress.
196623: The Pleasures of Loving God The Pleasures of Loving God
By Mike Bickle

In a revolutionizing style, the author paints the intimate portrait of a loving Father to whom we can come for a fresh supply of truth and beauty. This book also shows us how to live our lives in such a way that we take the talents and gifts God has put in us and honor the Father, truly revelling in the opportunity to be God's ambassadors for the gospel. By employing the great commission in your daily life, you will discover the joy and pleasure of being a vehicle through whom Christ's very prayers are worked out.
795300: After God"s Own Heart After God's Own Heart
By Mike Bickle / Charisma House

King David was many things--shepherd, poet, warrior, murderer and adulterer. And yet, he was called "a man after God's own heart." In spite of his sinful nature he connected with the emotions and thoughts of Almighty God in a way few have since. In After God's Own Heart, Mike Bickle explores what David did that allowed him to commune powerfully with the Lord, and shows how you too can be "after God's own heart."
326213: Prayers to Strengthen Your Inner Man Prayers to Strengthen Your Inner Man
By Mike Bickle / Forerunner

Using examples from his personal prayer list, Mike Bickel offers practical language to use in prayer, such as the descriptions and names of Jesus in Revelation. He also shares the benefits of praying prayers in the Bible, creating a prayer list and more. Discover deeper places of intimacy and strength in prayer through the Holy Spirit's anointing.
790602: Passion for Jesus - Revised Passion for Jesus - Revised
By Mike Bickle / Charisma House

Many men and women struggle with what they've done and who they are. They've never really had an opportunity to encounter Jesus' personality and to understand how He sees His children---until now.

What does God feel about you? No matter what you have done, God wants you to know that His love is very deep. Seeing the passion of God's personality will help bring you to a personal wholeness and spiritual maturity. It will awaken a stronger devotion to God---and a passion for Jesus. For all those who want to feel love, acceptance, forgiveness, peace, rest, and freedom from the past, Mike Bickle's timeless message will break open and restore any heart.

673841: The Seven Longings of the Human Heart The Seven Longings of the Human Heart
By Mike Bickle & Deborah Hiebert / Oasis House

God has placed deep longings in the heart of every human being. We all long for beauty, for greatness, for fascination, for intimacy. We all long to be enjoyed, to be whole-hearted, to make a lasting impact. Only God can fulfill the longings He has given us. When we realize all these longings are godly and God wants to fulfill them, we experience great freedom, joy and intimacy with God.
326282: 7 Commitments of a Forerunner: A Sacred Charge To Press into God 7 Commitments of a Forerunner: A Sacred Charge To Press into God
By Mike Bickle & Brian Kim / Oasis House

The Sacred Charge is a prophetic call to refuse to settle for anything less than radical pursuit of God and His purposes for this generation. This teaching challenges us to live in wholehearted pursuit of Jesus as forerunners who operate in the power of the Holy Spirit today, as we prepare ourselves to prepare others for the Lord's return. Mike Bickle identifies seven foundational commitments to walk out this sacred charge in everyday life, with insights and practical steps on how to do this.
0720707: Beyond the Veil: God"s Call to Intimate Intercession Beyond the Veil: God's Call to Intimate Intercession
By Alice Smith

Journey beyond the veil into the holy of holies for an intimate encounter with the Lord God Almighty, who delights in those with whom He is intimate. In this unique study of the character and responsibilities of the intercessor, you will learn to experience the power of intimate intercession and how your prayers can bring healing, help save lives, and affect the course of a nation. Prayer can open the door to the very presence of God, and Smith helps you build an unobstructed pathway - assuring that you have His personal attention. Foreword by Peter Wagner. Includes a leader's guide.
chapter one
746118: The Beginner"s Guide to Hearing God The Beginner's Guide to Hearing God
By James W. Goll

Does God really speak to us today? Will I understand what he says? Using biblical principles and real-life illustrations, Goll shows you how to overcome personal obstacles that block God's voice; avoid being misled by false messages; and draw near to him with an expectant heart! Includes study guide for individual or group use. 160 pages, softcover from Regal.
424287: Lost Art Of Intercession, Expanded Edition Lost Art Of Intercession, Expanded Edition
By James W Goll

"Fire shall be kept burning continually on the altar; it is not to go out" ().

This verse was burned into the hearts of a community of Moravian refugees in tiny Herrnhut, Germany over two hundred years ago. They committed themselves to restore this "Watch of the Lord" through twenty four hours of unbroken prayer and intercession that continued for more than one hundred years. God is once again calling His people to begin again the "Watch of the Lord."

The original edition of The Art of Intercession has touched the lives of thousands around the world and has been one of the tools to ignite the greatest global prayer movement the church has ever seen. This expanded edition has been updated and adds a section from the writings of pastor, intecessor and writer E.M. Bounds.

745166: Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth Intercessory Prayer: How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth
By Dutch Sheets / Gospel Light

If God is all-powerful, why does he need us to pray? Ever wonder if your prayers really count? Discover the awesome power of intercession! Sheets will inspire you to pray with courage to a God who hears your words . . . before you even speak them. Includes end-of-chapter questions and a leader's discussion guide. 288 pages, softcover from Regal.
580067: Intercession: Thrilling and Fulfilling Intercession: Thrilling and Fulfilling
By Joy Dawson / Ywam Publishing

Do you desire rapid spiritual growth? Do you want to enter a deeper dimension of effective ministry without leaving home? Do you long to be involved in a ministry that shapes nations? Do you want to be free from guilt of prayerlessness -- permanently? Do you want to know practical steps of how to make it happen? Are you ready to be inspired, stretched and changed? When the truths in this book are applied, these desires will be fulfilled; you will be ruined for the ordinary and never again think prayer is dull.
30672: Praying the Bible: The Book of Prayers Praying the Bible: The Book of Prayers
By Wesley & Stacey Campbell / Gospel Light

Everyone learns to walk before they run and every believer learns to vocalize prayer before moving into sustained deep silence of communion with God. By Jesus' own example, we know that He prayed the Scriptures aloud. This book takes an old concept-the prayer book--and gives it a modern twist: complete passages of Scripture are laid out in sections of distinct prayer genres. Eight categories with 88 prayers enable readers to quickly reference the prayers of the prophets, the wisdom prayers, the prayers of Jesus, the apostolic prayers and more. The introductions to each section expand on each specific type of prayer and also include detailed instruction of how to pray that specific section. The result? This is a prayer tool for both the novice pray-er and the seasoned intercessor--one that provides discipline and focus and lights a pathway to direct contact with the heart of God! Scriptural references are from the NIV.
3126X: Praying the Bible: Pathway to Spirituality Praying the Bible: Pathway to Spirituality
By Wesley & Stacey Campbell / Gospel Light

Wesley and Stacey Campbell lead us continually upward on our pathway to spirituality--from walking to running to becoming directly connected with God's presence! They begin with the timeless biblical truth that underscores the importance of prayer and explains how to pray for proven effectiveness. As they guide us through their seven steps along the path, they highlight the journey with exciting personal-life prayer experiences. Practical and revalational, enriching and educational--this is an invaluable prayer tool for novice prayers and seasoned intercessors alike.
927662: Red Moon Rising: How 24-7 Prayer Is Awakening a Generation Red Moon Rising: How 24-7 Prayer Is Awakening a Generation
By Pete Greig & Dave Roberts / Relevant Books

* A growing army of trained warriors awaits orders. They're not in war-torn countries---they're in rooms and churches worldwide, exploring the power of prayer and mission! Learn about the 24/7 prayer movement, its history, objective, and role in the days ahead. Highlighting important themes and featuring personal testimonies, it's a dramatic call to enlist! 255 pages, softcover from Relevant Books.

"Have you any days of fasting and prayer? Storm the throne of grace and persevere therein, and mercy will come down."

John Wesley