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  • Prayer Walking: A Journey of Faith

    Prayer Walking: A Journey of Faith

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    "Prayer walking is a method of intercessory prayer that involves walking while praying at the location of the prayer journey. Prayer walking is a way of being on the scene without making a scene. It could also include riding, jogging, boating, biking, or any other means of transportation. The method of communication is to pray on site, rather than from a distance. This book includes a journey to China and India as Calvin Miller and Dan Crawford take the reader on an actual prayer walk. You will be able to see the stones under your feet, see the beggars by the side of the road, see the crumbling buildings, and attest to the poverty--material and spiritual. Feel the power of God as these men walk and pray, and then observe God immediately answering these prayers. Read about God-encounters with the Islamic religion. Then be prepared to begin your own prayer walk with the Lord."

    Prayerwalking: Praying on Site with Insight

    Prayerwalking: Praying on Site with Insight

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    "Many Christians feel called to intercede for their neighbors, and even the larger communities of towns, cities, counties, states, and even countries. But often those localities and people end up as abstract concepts prayed in the context of our private prayer closet. And while private prayers can be effective, Kendrick and Hawthorne point us to a prayer ministry that is at once more stimulating and more effective. They call us to a ministry firmly planted (literally) in the community God has placed us in, a ministry that is in touch with the pulse of the community because it is, in itself, part of that same community. Prayerwalking is, according to the authors, "praying on-site with insight." But what does that mean? Prayer is "God working with and through people" and is always relational. In the context of prayerwalking, there are two primary aspects of prayer that are vitally important: prayer is directed to others (intercession) and prayer is intentional. On-site implies praying where one expects to recieve the answers to one's prayer (in one's community, neighborhood, etc.). Insight comes in three forms: responsive insight (what the authors term "praying eyes," or seeing situations through the filter of God's compassion), researched insight (historical, cultural, social understanding), and revealed insight (revelation and illumination of specific needs by the Holy Spirit). Generally, all three forms of insight combine to give prayerwalking what the authors describe as "starkly relevant authenticity." Does that phrase describe your prayer life and your efforts at intercession? It can. Prayerwalking, within the context of other ministries like evangelism and missions, has the potential to truly transform our society. Thus, the authors offer practical advice on what prayerwalking entails and how to go about starting your own prayerwalking. They also include stories and quotations from numerous other Christians partaking in this powerful move of God. If Christ is your guide and and goal in prayerwalking, Kendrick and Hawthorne are confident that your intercession will be both stimulating and effective, and that your communities will be radically changed."

    Follow Me: Lessons for Becoming a Prayer Walker

    Follow Me: Lessons for Becoming a Prayer Walker

    God is using the prayerwalking phenomenon to call believers out of church buildings to intercede in neighborhoods and around the world. This six-week study guide can help transform any willing believer into an effective prayerwalker. Follow Me disciples readers in various types of praywalking, the power of praying God's promises, local and global evangelism, spiritual warfare, and ways to incorporate praywalking in local church ministries. Six five-day sessions ideal for individual or group study. A facilitator's guide is included.

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