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8420156: Digging the Wells of Revival Digging the Wells of Revival
By Lou Engle

God is preparing to pour out his power upon the spiritual defendants of people like Jonathan Edwards and Aimee Semple McPherson. Are you ready to drink of the same Spirit? Engle's prophetic call urges us to renew ourcovenant with God and anticipate the greatest revival America has seen.

20571X: Elijah"s Revolution Elijah's Revolution
By Jim W. Goll & Lou Engle

Goll and Engle sense something wonderful happening in America: a "holy revolution of unprecedented dimension." You'll be encouraged by their testimonies about Christians who---instead of "caving in" to our morally compromising culture---are responding with the bold spirit of Elijah and the self-giving heart of Esther. Will these "latter-day revolutionaries" spiritually transform our society? 192 pages, softcover from Destiny Image.

29056: Why Revival Tarries Why Revival Tarries
By Leonard Ravenhill

Leonard Ravenhill's call to revival is as timely now as it was when first published over forty years ago. The message is fearless and often radical as he expounds on the disparity between the New Testament church and the church today. This book contains the heart of his message, A.W. Tozer called Ravenhill "a man sent from God" who "appeared at (a) critical moment in history," just as the Old Testament prophets did. Included are questions for group and individual study.

03029: Revival God"s Way: A Message for the Church, repackaged edition Revival God's Way: A Message for the Church, repackaged edition
By Leonard Ravenhill

Written with prophetic zeal, this book will create in the reader a longing for true biblical revival--the kind of sweeping change that revolutionizes individual lives, communities, and sometimes even entire nations. Full of spiritual insights and inspirational challenge, Ravenhill's message for the church is as relevant today as it was a generation ago. His clear and uncompromising voice will be welcomed by those who desire to see the church restored to its original calling--displaying the glory, power, and holiness bestowed by Christ himself on those who represent Him in the world. Paperback, 160 pages.

200313: Revival Praying Revival Praying
By Leonard Ravenhill

Leonard Ravenhill presents prayer as faith in action in this fast-paced presentation of this crucial subject. He called prayer the most essential ingredient in producing revival. Filled with exhortations and illustrations, it teaches the art of effective praying--which will result in revival.

201565: The Autobiography of Charles G. Finney The Autobiography of Charles G. Finney
By Charles G. Finney, edited by Helen Wessel

In an age without amplifiers or mass communication, 19th century evangelist Charles G. Finney's ministry changed the course of American Christianity. His valuable insights on the work of the Holy Spirit and principles for revival now inspire and encourage 21st century believers with a passion for reaching their nations for Christ. Finney's autobiography was first published in 1876, a year after his death. This edition, first published a century later, was condensed and updated while retaining the heart of his amazing narrative, making the principles of revival easily understood by contemporary readers.

081894: Power from on High Power from on High
By Charles Finney

Among dedicated believers there is little doubt that contemporary Christians are desperate for the baptism of the Spirit, the fullness of the Spirit and Power From on High.

In this essential volume Charles Finney boldly uncovers the awful truth that today's Christians and a number of church leaders are sadly lacking in this critical gift of power. However, he does not languish in despair but offers a good deal of hope by proclaiming that spiritual power is available for every Christian and encouraging Christians to seek such power in faith. Finney emphasizes that the Holy Spirit urgently desires to take full control of your life, and he lists certain conditions that must be met before you can be filled with the Spirit and receive Power From on High.

560530: The Life and Diary of David Brainerd The Life and Diary of David Brainerd
By Edited by Jonathan Edwards

Frail, prone to depression, Brainerd was an unlikely candidate for missionary work. Yet in the 18th century, he converted hundreds of Native Americans thorugh his example of self-denial, commitment to prayer, and devotion to Christ. Edited by Jonathan Edwards, Brainerd's firsthand account chronicles his amazing ministry-one that continues to shape today's missions.

28604: A Call to United, Extraordinary Prayer...: for the Revival of Religion and the Advancement of Christ"s A Call to United, Extraordinary Prayer...: for the Revival of Religion and the Advancement of Christ's
By Jonathan Edwards

Introduced by David Bryant of Concerts of Prayer International, the American National Prayer Committee and Proclaim Hope.

This classic book by Jonathan Edwards was first published under the title 'An humble attempt to promote explicit agreement and visible union of God's people in extraordinary prayer for the revival of religion and the advancement of Christ's Kingdom.'

Jonathan Edwards was the foremost leader of the Great Awakening in North America in the 18th Century.

0809X: The Awesome Work of God The Awesome Work of God
By Jonathan Edwards

As the Great Awakening was spreading throughout New England, Jonathan Edwards wrote, "When several distinguished pastors and congregations in this region became aware of the wonderful work of God in Northampton, Massachusetts, and surrounding towns, they asked me to inform them of it in greater detail. Being a pastor in Northampton, I am quite familiar with many cases in which God has worked through and among the people during this revival. I hope, through this book, that I can acquaint you with the details of this work, now called the Great Awakening. And so, in as just and faithful a manner as I may, I proceed to show you God's hand in this wonderful work." This is more than the history of one revival. It is the story about the work of the Holy Spirit upon the hearts and lives of people and it will encourage us to seek the same experience in our own lives and communities.

647591: A Diary of Revival, DVD A Diary of Revival, DVD

Take a firsthand look at the great Welsh revival of 1904! Trace the steps of Evan Roberts from coal miner to minister to participant in one of history's most dramatic revivals. Examining the events at Moriah Lougher through letters, interviews, and photographs, this documentary explores God's mighty movement among the people of Wales---and its continuing impact today. 62 minutes.

010588: The Azusa Street Project, DVD The Azusa Street Project, DVD

This documentary follows the modern Charismatic Movement from its humble beginnings in the small church in Azusa Street, Los Angeles to its millions of followers around the world today. The Azusa Street Revival shook the foundations of the church and spawned numerous denominations. Shoot and mastered in high definition, this program also looks a the mystery and controversy surrounding some of the beliefs of the Charismatic Movement including Salvation, Sanctification, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and Speaking in Tongues. Approx. 54 minutes. Color/B&W.

Special Features:
  • Scene Selection
  • Director's Comments
  • Tour of Bonnie Brae House
  • Soundtrack
  • Art Gallery
  • Missionaries

  • 2342837: Give Him No Rest Give Him No Rest
    By Erroll Hulse

    This book is an urgent call to prayer that God would send again in our day true revival and powerful spiritual awakening on a worldwide scale. The author shows from Scripture and from the history of the church through the ages, right up to the present day, how closely revival is linked to the prayers of God's people. He urges churches and individuals to unite together in regularly and earnestly seeking God and to 'give him no rest' until he pours out his blessing on his church and makes her 'the praise of the earth', as foretold by Isaiah.

    86384: Azusa Street Azusa Street
    By Frank Bartleman

    The great Azusa Street revival of the early 1900s began in a humble, run-down mission, with its makeshift "pews" that had been fashioned from planks and empty nail kegs. From this simple setting arose a powerful move of God that swept across the country and around the world. Is it possible to experience the same kind of life-changing revival today? Discover through Frank Bartleman's eyewitness account what brought revival then and what will bring revival now. God is still looking for obedient hearts who long for His presence. Will you be a part of the coming revival?

    859085: William Seymour, A Biography: The Story of a 20th century African American Leader Who Launched the Azusa Street Revival and the Pentecostal Movement William Seymour, A Biography: The Story of a 20th century African American Leader Who Launched the Azusa Street Revival and the Pentecostal Movement
    By Craig Borlase

    Blind in one eye yet in possession of remarkable vision, William Seymour was a man few believers are aware of. The son of ex-slaves but a passionate believer of racial integration, Seymour led the Azusa Street Revival in Los Angeles in 1906, credited for launching the twentieth-century American Pentecostal movement and several denominations.

    In this fresh and honest biography, Craig Borlase captures the intriguing story of Seymour, recognized by Yale University as "the most influential black leader in American religious history." Taking in the best as well as the worst of life a century ago, Seymour lived his life with consistency, sacrifice, and commitment.

    William Seymour: A Biography is a tale of faith through adversity, of life for the black community in the century between Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr., and of the transforming power of God's Spirit. It charts one man's dedication to pursue a closer relationship with God and a more potent revelation of Christ.

    Combining great revivals of the past, emergent civil rights, and the struggles in the aftermath of the Civil War, Seymour's life story will inspire Christians to believe the church has a future.

    4047X: Why Revival Waits Why Revival Waits
    By Selwyn Hughes

    Why does revival not come when we want it? What is true revival? Can we help usher in revival? This book looks at what revival really is. Using "God's final and finished formula on the subject," the text of 2 Chronicles 7:14, Selwyn Hughes helps us discover what part we play in facing up to this challenge. Selwyn believes with a passion that there is no greater issue facing the church of Jesus Christ at this time than the subject of Holy Spirit revival.

    93734: Prepare the Way for Revival Prepare the Way for Revival
    By Ian Malins

    A wave of revival is sweeping over different parts of the world, leaving many wondering about God's purpose in these latest outpourings. Is this the promised move of His Spirit in the last days? Teaching from biblical truth, historical examples, and personal experience, Malins explores the phenomenon of revival and the essential keys that bring God's manifest presence. You'll discover what revival is - and is not, conditions for revival, and how revival can transform your life. Whether simply curious about historic moves of the Spirit or hungry for more of God's presence, you'll be amazed at what He shows you as you Prepare the Way for Revival! Includes questions at the end of each chapter for personal or group study.

    200070: Desperate for His Presence: God"s Design to Transform Your Life and Your City Desperate for His Presence: God's Design to Transform Your Life and Your City
    By Rhonda Hughey

    Are you ready for a radical return to dynamic, transforming life found only in the manifest presence of the Lord Jesus? Rhonda Hughey's insights into the spiritual condition of the church today will open your eyes to our greatest need---passionate love for our King. Revival in the church must come before we can see our cities transformed. Rhonda clearly lays out the signs and conditions for such revival and explores the biblical promises that are ours.

    As you discover Gods heart toward His people, you will be transported into a place of personal renewal and intimacy with Him. Such personal transformation in turn will enable you to reach out and impact those around you who desperately need His touch.

    301473: I Saw the Welsh Revival I Saw the Welsh Revival
    By David Matthews

    This book is a personal impression of the 1904 Revival in Wales. It is published again to recall the mighty days of a century ago when revival fire spread throughout the principality of Wales and beyond.

    Our present greatest need is revival. This book will stimulate preachers and churches and encourage spiritually-minded people to continue in prayer for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in revival power.