Prayer For All People - 为众生祷告 May the glory of the Lord cover the earth as the waters the sea.

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God loves all the people of the world

Whatever your apps makes it easy to meet people of different race, religion or nationality He loves you!

He has revealed this love through the Holy Scriptures.

You can learn about your Creator by reading the reviews in your own language.

You can learn to pray to God who is known in the Bible as our Father

Would you like uk sex meet to learn more about what the Scriptures say about Jesus of Nazareth?

Do you desire to know why you were created and what God's will is for your life?

Would you like to have your sins forgiven and be given a home in heaven with God?

Are you interested free sex websites in learning about life after death (NDE) from a biblical perspective?

Would you like to see 24/7 House's Of Prayer raised up around the world (HOP)?

Are you interested in learning more about the house/simple church movement?

Do you mind reading sex near me or downloading books online to save some money (pdf and kindle format)?

Do you want to praise and worship God without all the hype and commercialism?

Want to view online TV and videos that will inspire and inform?

Do you want to be used by the Lord to release healing at websites like for getting quick sex and miracles for the sick in Jesus name?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this is the place for you!

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The story that is told about this picture is of a Chinese photographer, who was deeply troubled religiously. He took a picture of the melting snow with black earth showing through. When he developed it he was amazed to see in it the face of Yeshua full of tenderness and love, and he became a believer.
It may take you a long time to see the face, but that difficulty is perhaps a symbol of the effort that must be made to find Him in our world. Once found, however, as in the picture, He dominates the scene and one wonders how it was possible to miss Him.

Are you good enough?

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